Color Zone Permanent Color With Keratin And Collagen 100ml Set D

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Color Zone Permanent Color with Keratin and Collagen 100ml Set D

  • Elevate your hair game with Color Zone Permanent Color Set D.
  • Unleash vibrant, long-lasting hair colors that make a statement.
  • Infused with enriching Keratin and Collagen for optimal hair health.
  • Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own space.
  • Each 100ml bottle provides ample product for stunning hair transformations.
  • Set D offers a diverse array of rich and captivating color choices.
  • Effortlessly create professional looks and personalized shades.
  • A must-have for hairstylists and beauty aficionados seeking excellence.
  • Your clients will adore their silky, radiant hair after using Set D.
  • Count on Color Zone for top-tier, salon-standard hair color.


Additional information

CZ Permanent Color Code D

CZ 2.2, CZ 6.2, CZ 8.77, CZ1.2, CZ4.2, CZ5.2, CZ5.22, CZ5.35, CZ5.77, CZ6.222, CZ6.35, CZ6.77, CZ7.2, CZ7.35, CZ7.77, CZ8.35


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